Event: January 13-14 2018
Registration Deadline: Monday, January 6, 2018
On-Site Event Check-In: TBA
Sanctioning: This is a sanctioned USA Volleyball Event. Please contact USA Volleyball for club and individual membership information.
Age Division: 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U
Location: Great Smoky Mountain Expo Center
Frost Bite ChallengeJanuary 13, 2018
26 days to go.
STEP 1: Register for the Event
You will need to register on the AES website.​
STEP 2: Payment
We will not be accepting PayPal at this time so please mail your check. Make all checks payable to DynamicEventz and mail to:
Dynamic Eventz
5997 Hiawatha Rd
​Morristown TN 37814
Checks will be cashed as they arrive, However if you need more time before cashing enclose a note with the check to hold until a certain date. 
STEP 3: Acceptance into Event
Once all forms and checks have been received, your team will be moved from the Pending list to the Accepted list. Teams are not considered Accepted until ALL paperwork has been received. Check to make sure you are in because some teams will be bumped from the event if information or payment is late.
STEP 4: Submit your Roster
Team rosters must be submitted through the AES system by the start of the event No hand written rosters will be accepted at Team Check-In.
Non-negotiable Refund Policy
Teams not accepted into the event: Full Refund
Teams that drop before December 13 2017: Full Refund
Teams that drop before December 30 2017: Half Refund
Teams that drop after December 30 2017: No Refund
On site check in
One coach is required to attend Team Check in and the location will be announced one week before the event. Exceptions will be made if you contact us at least one week before the event. If there is no communication for the coach or club direct and your team does not check in, they will be penalized. 
Player & Coach Wristbands:
At Team Check In,  wristbands or badges will be issued for each player on the roster up to 15 and each staff member up to 2 (can be Coaches, Chaperones, Team Representatives, Managers, etc. or any combination of staff positions but no more than 2). These wristbands/badges are included as part of the Team Registration fee – there is no extra charge for them.  Staff members listed on more than one roster will receive only 1 wristband/badge for the event.  The person checking in the team must pick up all wristbands/badges for that roster.
Coaches, please remember to issue your players a wristband/badges before you ask them to meet you inside the playing venue. Players who do not have a wristband/badge will not be allowed into the playing facility.
Prepare For Team Check In:
  • You must bring a printed Team Roster to the event in order to check your team in.  No handwritten changes of any sort are allowed on the AES Team Roster.
  • Review Your Roster to make any necessary roster changes, additions, or deletions. Your roster must pass validation in order to print a Team Roster.
  • All persons listed on a team roster must be registered. All coaches on the Team Roster must be, at a minimum, IMPACT certified. All adult coaches listed on the Team Roster must have a current background check.
  • You must have a membership number for each person on the roster – all players and coaches. your Region to get these numbers if you do not have them. You WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the event unless this is completed.
  • Roster changes can be made up until the last minute before you go to the Team Check in Desk.
  • Changes to an individuals file (membership type, graduation year, coaching certification level, membership expiration date, etc.), can be made up until the last minute before you go to the Team Check in Desk.
Tournament Format
Competition will begin on Saturday. A wave play format will be used with the morning wave beginning at 8:00 am and the afternoon wave beginning at 2:00pm. Confirmed start times will be posted on this web site once available.
Game and Pool Play Protocol
  • All Games will consist of best of three sets with two – 25 point sets and one – 15 point set if necessary.  USAV rules will be used for all play.
  • Remember to check the schedule for the next round work assignments, some teams do have to come in early to work the next pool or first round of bracket play.
Warm Up Procedures
  • Warm ups will be 2 – 4 – 4 for all teams first games throughout the tournament.  Time will start at the end of the previous match. The first two matches of each wave will begin on time after that they are all ASAP. 
  • After all teams have played their first game, warm up consist of  – 1 minutes of pepper your side both teams, 3 – minutes of hitting/serving for serving team, 3 – minutes of hitting/serving for receiving team.
Work Teams
A paid certified official will be assigned to all matches and both up and down officials will be provided for all Gold finals in all age divisions. Teams scheduled for a work assignment must provide a competent down Ref, competent scorekeeper, 2 lines people and a flipper/libero tracker. A coach must be court side during the entire work assignment in case of any problems. Failure to have an entire work team including the coach will result in a point per minute for every minute you are late. This penalty will be assessed on your next scheduled match. Please check the schedule carefully for work assignments. Some teams will be required to work the 8am match and then play at 9am. We are not responsible for missed work assignments. You may also be required to stay after a finals match to work the next round of matches coming to your court. Please check with Championship Desk to verify.
Tie Breakers
It is the coaches responsibility to remain at the event until all chances of any tie breakers have been completed. If any information is given by the staff that does not match information here, ask for tournament director to re – check the results.
If the pool play results DO NOT advance to gold or silver
  • Two way ties will be broken by head to head results between the two teams
  • Three way ties will be broken by (1) set percentages: sets won divided by the total number of sets played. The team with the highest set percentage wins. If still tied (2) point percentage: each teams total points scored divided by total points scored by opponents. The team with the highest percentage wins.
If the pool play results advance to gold and silver division, ties are broken as follows:
  • Seeding for the tie breakers will be point differential.
  • After seeding has been determined if any team is missing from the court at the time of the tie breaker games they will forfeit and be declared the lowest seed of the tiebreaker for the pool. The two remaining teams will both move into first and second by seedingprocedure.
  • If more then one team is missing then we will declare the team that is there in first seed in the tie breaker followed by seeded results for the two missing teams. If all 3 teams are missing then we use the seeds only.
All tie breaker Matches will consist of one 25 point set. USAV rules will be followed for all play.
Athletic Trainers and Medical Release
  • There will be paid athletic trainers on site. These trainers will be available starting at 7am to wrap and prep players for the day. Please be sure to provide your own tape.  Please, do not wait until the last minute to have your players report to the medical tent to be taped as play will not be delayed.
  • All coaches are required to have a Medical Release Form for each player with them at all times.

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