• January 27, February 17, & March 10, 2018
    Saturday Mornings 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Our goal of this program is to teach and develop the basic skills needed to play volleyball. We are also trying to instill a love for the game and will to compete. The earlier we are able to master the basic skills, the stronger our program will become.
Dates:  Saturday, January 27, February 17, and March 10, 2018
Cost: $125 per Team per event (register for all 3 dates and save $75)
We encourage clubs to break their Developmental Programs into as many teams of 6 as possible (Discounts apply for multiple teams from the same club, please contact for Details).
Registration Deadline: Sunday Night Before Each Play Date
On-Site Event Check-In: TBA
Sanctioning: This is a sanctioned USA Volleyball Event. Please contact USA Volleyball for club and individual membership information.
Age Division: Boys and Girls Developmental Teams (NON-TRAVEL TEAMS)
Location: Carson Newman University, Maddox Student Activities Center


STEP 1: Register for the Event
  • One of our goals for this event is for athletes to be on the court as much as possible and encourage clubs to break their Developmental Programs into as many teams of 6 as possible. ​These teams are not lock in stone and we do not need a roaster till the morning of each Play date. Athletes can change roster for the next play date.
STEP 2: Payment
We will not be accepting PayPal at this time so please mail your check. Make all checks payable to DynamicEventz and mail to:
Dynamic Eventz
5997 Hiawatha Rd
​Morristown TN 37814
Checks will be cashed as they arrive, However if you need more time before cashing enclose a note with the check to hold until a certain date. 
STEP 3: Acceptance into Event
Once all forms and checks have been received, you will recieve an email that your teams have been accepted into the event
Non-negotiable Refund Policy
Teams not accepted into the event: Full Refund
Teams that drop before February 2 2018: Full Refund
Teams that drop before February 17 2018: Half Refund
Teams that drop after  February 17 2018: No Refund
  • The Development Series will play one Game to 25 points, win by 2 in their regular matches with a 30-minute clock. If a third game is played in the time limit, play to 15 win by 2. At the end of the time, the match will be stopped no matter what the score is.
  • 10 minute warm-up between matches.
  • Uniforms are OPTIONAL and NOT required
  • You must rotate properly and an athlete may not serve more than one time in a six-time rotation.
  • The net height will be 6’8” for the Series
  • We will play regular USAV rules for the league.
  • Athletes will be allowed to move up to a 20’ service line that we will have taped on the court. Anyone that serves overhanded must serve from the regular endline.
  • No server will serve more than three points. After three points, it will be a sideout with NO point and the other team rotates and gets the ball. This will allow every athlete to serve. All players should be given the opportunity to serve. Do NOT let a player serve more than once in six rotations!!
  • We will play with a volley-lite volleyball


Work Teams
  • Each team will be asked to provide an 2 lines people and a flipper when your team is working.
  • Coaches will be up reffing during their teams work assignment.